I’m a vegetarian foodie in my twenties who loves to cook! I currently live in Bristol with my wonderful flatmate Emma, and have lived in London, Cambridge and Manchester. I love going out to eat and experimenting with recipes at home. I’m a fairly impulsive person and I often just see what I’ve got in the fridge and throw it together to see what happens. This is often successful and sometimes not so much. I named my blog SoLittleThyme because as a student, I often don’t have as much time to cook as I would like, but at the same time I’m not willing to stop cooking tasty indulgent things and just eat beans-on-toast everyday (though don’t get me wrong, sometimes all you need is beans-on-toast to hit the spot). As an avid instagrammer of my food, I often get friends and family asking me to share my recipes and so this is what I hope to do with my blog. Unless you are baking, in which case you should avoid veering from a tried and tested recipe, I feel like recipes are often just a guideline. I always throw in some random spice, or extra veg depending on how I feel on a particular day. Sometimes I’ll have forgotten to buy some fresh vegetables and sub-in some frozen spinach or kale to make an omlette more interesting – just go with what feels right!


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